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Glass Items for your Home

Posted on by Warren Cahill

No matter what style you’ve chosen for the decor of your home, you’ll no doubt have some glass items scattered throughout. In fact, you might be surprised just how many key elements of your home use glass, specially cut, to give you the finish you love so much.

So which core items in your home are made of glass and how were they made? Here we’ll talk through the kind of items you might have, and how they can help improve the look, feel and functionality of different spaces in your home.


Kitchen Splashbacks

Depending on the colour of your kitchen walls, you might be unaware it is even there. A kitchen splashback made from glass provides a number of benefits, the most convenient one being that they’re easy to clean after you’ve cooked. A single wipe and you’re done, no scrubbing required.

A kitchen splashback will also likely be heat resistant, ensuring your walls aren’t damaged behind your hob top. Without a splashback, your wall might become discoloured and mouldy over time.

Many people choose glass splashbacks for their style over functionality, mainly because they help reflect more light in the room, but also because of the clean edges. It’s a contemporary design move favoured in modern properties, but can be easily utilised in almost.

Glass Kitchen Splashback

Glass Stair Banisters

Helping to make your home feel lighter in an instant, glass stair banisters are another contemporary design option for homes with upper floors. With the clear glass installed as panels, cut to the flow of your stairs, you create the illusion of having more space, turning dark corners into light spaces.

Glass pairs well with many other materials, so whether you’ve got metal or wooden framing for the rest of your banisters, it’s impossible to get it wrong with the elegance and simplicity of glass. Whilst not always best for those with small children – think handprints! – the glass can easily be wiped to maintain a shimmering finish.



An age-old tactic to help make small or narrow spaces feel bigger, a mirror creates the illusion of space. Almost like an extra portal of space, mirrors offer more than just the functional reflection you ordinarily expect (you can find more tips on making your space look bigger in our previous post).

They can also create focal points for your room when placed above a fireplace or other pieces of furniture in the home.


Glass Furniture

Not every home will feature glass furniture as it’s a design consideration, but where you might normally find a piece of furniture made of wood, you can usually do the same with glass. Tables are a good example of this, from small coffee tables and side tables to full dining room tables to seat the whole family around, you can achieve an impactful look with straight or curved cuts of glass.

Combining glass with another material, such as a glass coffee table top with a metallic frame, means you can tailor your style to be as formal and contemporary or as rustic and far-fetched as you wish.

At City Glass & Windows Manchester we have over 40 years of experience as glass processors and suppliers. Whether you want to lighten up your home with glass balustrades or something more ornamental in the way of glass furniture, you can count on us.

Simply contact us today to discuss your requirements and our team will be happy to help.

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