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How to make your space look bigger

Posted on by Warren Cahill

Small spaces can sometimes benefit a business through reduced rent rates and less time spent cleaning, decorating and keeping the space secure. However, for many businesses, there is the desire to utilise that smaller space to the maximum and give the illusion of a larger space.

If you’re seeking ways to make your space look bigger – whether you’ve got office space, shop space or you operate a gym – then look no further than mirrors. Here we’ll spell out the five main ways in which mirrors can make your space feel bigger without having to knock down walls or move premises entirely.


Doubling the space

If you have the budget and the inclination, you can make your space feel double its actual size with mirrors. This is a common way of tricking the brain into thinking there is more space than you actually have. This can make a big difference to people’s perceptions of your space, giving off a more impressive feel to being in your shop or office space.

Whether you achieve this from one large mirror or multiple smaller ones, the key is to create a wall of focus which doubles the depth of an entire room. Gyms make great use of this tactic regularly under the guise of allowing people to watch their form when exercising.


Light & Bright

Small spaces can often suffer from dark spots and shady corners, but if you’re looking to make your space more comfortable and roomy to be in, mirrors can help bring in the light. Angle them to illuminate all the nooks in your space and people will be more likely to spread out to these areas.

No one wants to work or socialise in a small, gloomy environment, so make mirrors your secret weapon. Scatter smaller mirrors to create a chain-effect throughout your space.


Reduce Claustrophobia

Many people find small spaces too limiting, with claustrophobia a real risk if they feel trapped. You can help to reduce this in an office or commercial space by adding mirrors to stretch out the room. Something a simple as a tall mirror can give the brain the impression that there is somewhere else to go; a tactic which might help to calm anyone who suffers from acute claustrophobia.


The Portal Effect

You might be wondering what good a small mirror can do to give the illusion of extra space. The truth is that the smaller the mirror, the less impact it will have, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo having any. Smaller mirrors can often produce a portal – or window – effect, tricking the mind into believing that there is a window through to another space or room next door. While this is a relatively small consideration, it could be just enough to tip people in favour of your tiny area. For example, a small bar or nightclub might only have one room, but a small window mirror might make punters believe there is more to the business, shifting their perspective and allowing them to choose your premises over another where space is a deciding factor.


Widen Your Hallways

For businesses like hotels or small office spaces, the hallways can often feel tight and restrictive, but by evenly spacing out mirrors as part of the decor, you can freshen the space up. While visitors are only in these spaces for a short time, it can benefit you greatly to have them believe they are in a more spacious building than they actually are – few people like the idea of cramped hotels or offices.


Mentality plays a large part in making any space feel larger, so while you might think a quick glance at a mirror wouldn’t do much, the subtle impact it can have in people’s minds is worth considering.

Whether you’re looking to go from floor to ceiling with a mirror to cover an entire wall of a gym, or simply scatter more ornate mirrors throughout your hotel corridors, City Glass & Windows Manchester offer 40 years of knowledge for you to benefit from. With professional service and high quality materials, simply contact our team today to discuss how your space could benefit from practical or ornamental mirrors.

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