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The benefits of secondary glazing

Posted on by Warren Cahill


It’s not very often that you’ll be looking to replace your windows, but when you do you’ll want to know that you’re choosing the best design and style for your property.

Lots of people are familiar with double glazing, but aren’t quite sure what secondary glazing is or what the benefits are that this option offers.

This month, we’re going to dive into how secondary glazing works and what the benefits are.

How secondary glazing works

Secondary glazing is the process of installing a second pane of glass behind the original, or replacing the window entirely with these two layers. This extra internal layer offers a whole host of benefits without impacting any original window and requires next to no maintenance once installed.

At City Glass & Windows Manchester, we also offer SGG Stadip Silence glass panes, which is two sheets of glass bonded with a transparent plastic interlayer. Secondary glazing can utilise one or two of these pane types, allowing your property to benefit.

Heat loss

Secondary glazing is an ideal way to reduce heat loss from your home. By producing a double barrier, you will see improvements in your property – including for your heating bills. Depending on how many SGG Stadip Silence sheets you choose, you could see major improvements to the thermal efficiency of your home.

Noise Reduction

Do you live in an area where noise from outside is an issue? This is common for properties close to major roads, airports or train lines, but can also be an issue if you simply live in front of a bustling neighbourhood. Secondary glazing reduces noise from reaching into your property, with the double layer filtering at 100Hz – 3150Hz and offering up to 20dBs for a single glazed window and 40dBs for double glazed windows.

Double glazing alternative

A key benefit to secondary glazing is that it can be used as an alternative to double glazing. It’s a more affordable option with high quality materials to bring greater thermal efficiency and reduce noise pollution in your home.

Listed buildings & conservation areas

When it comes to listed building and conservation areas, it is not possible to upgrade windows on certain properties, but residents still want to improve the thermal efficiency of the home and reduce outside noise from entering. This is where secondary glazing is the ideal solution, ensuring not major is carried out the the structure of the home while still delivering all the benefits.

Properties retain their look with secondary glazing and often need the benefits it brings to make the buildings comfortable to live in.

City Glass & Windows Manchester Secondary Glazing

At City Glass & Windows Manchester, we provide a range of secondary glazing options to suit all property styles – we can even install lift-out casements for occasional removal. We can tailor secondary glazing to your property in the following styles:

  • Fully Fixed
  • Lift-out
  • Hinged
  • Vertical Sliders
  • Horizontal Sliders


To learn more about the benefits of secondary glazing, or to arrange an appointment with our team anywhere in Manchester, simply contact us today.

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